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Spectra Precision HR320 Rotary Laser Receiver

Spectra Precision

Spectra Precision HR320 Rotary Laser Receiver

$225.00 $245.00

Spectra Laser Receiver HR320 w/Rod Clamp


The Spectra Precision® Laser HR320 is a durable laser receiver for exterior leveling applications.  Included are the HR320 receiver, rod clamp, batteries, owner's manual and 1 year warranty.   LCD's on the front and back display a 5 segment grade arrow that indicates grade position. A loud beeper is designed to be heard on noisy job sites. Fine and medium accuracies are selectable to meet various applications and conditions.

Features & Benefits

  • Large easy-to-read LCD on front and rear makes it ideal for exterior applications
  • Snap in rod clamp allows fast switching from rod-mounted to handheld applications
  • Rugged waterproof housings withstands 5 ft (1.5 m) drops and protect the unit from moisture and dust
  • Two on-grade sensitivities (fine and medium) let you get to grade faster in a variety of applications
  • 100 db loud speaker can be easily heard on noisy job sites


  • Checking and setting elevations for smaller jobsites
  • Leveling forms and footers
  • Estimating cuts and fills
  • Ideal for decks, terraces, pools, and septic systems


LCD Channels 5
Capture Height 50.0 mm (2 in.)
Acceptance Angle 90°
On-Grade Sensitivity Fine: 2.0 mm (1/16 in.)
Coarse: 6.0 mm (1/4 in.)
Power Source Two 1.5-V batteries
(type LR6/AA)
Battery Life @ 20 °C (68 °F) Alkaline: 70 hours
Battery Indicator LCD battery symbol
Beeper volumes High: 100+ dBA
Low: 75 to 85 dBA
Automatic Shutoff 30 minutes after last laser detection or
push-button actuation
Spectral Sensitivity Operates with red visible and infrared
rotating lasers with wavelengths
between 610 and 900 nm
Marking Notch 50.0 mm (2 in.) below top of receiver
Operating Temperature –20 °C to +60 °C (–4 °F to +140 °F)
Storage Temperature –40 °C to +70 °C (–40 °F to +158 °F)
Weight 0.3 kg (12 oz)
Dimensions (H x W x D) 16.3 cm x 7.4 cm x 2.9 cm
(6.4 in. x 2.9 in x 1.14 in.)

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