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Calculated Industries 6525 DigiRoller Plus II Digital Measuring Wheel

Calculated Industries

Calculated Industries 6525 DigiRoller Plus II Digital Measuring Wheel

$199.99 $209.95

 Calculated Industries Model 6425 Digital Measuring Wheel


This sale is for one DigiRoller Plus II, model 6425, one-person digital measuring system.  Manufacturer's suggested list price is $169.95 USD.  You pay only $129.95 for this item.  Complete product specification are given in the spec. sheet image above.  Package size is 28 x 13 x 6 inches ( 6 pounds).

We have evolved from the stooping position, so why use a measuring tool with a distance display down by the wheel?

Get fast, accurate measurements for on-site Linear, Area and Volume estimates. Built-in functions automatically calculate and store Square Footage, Volume and more for up to nine different areas. Works in and converts in all U.S. and Metric units. Weighs just 3 lbs. – includes convenient kickstand, wrist strap and easy-to-understand User's Guide.

It helps you solve:

  • Calculate and store Linear and Area measurements. Roll and label the "Length" and "Width" to find Area, or store and recall later.
  • Stores multiple units of measurement.
  • Works in and converts between Feet-Inches, Decimal Feet, Decimal Inches, Yards and Acres.
  • Built-in user Memory for accumulating counts of measurements.

Contractors, Estimators, Engineers, Landscapers, Paving Contractors, Fencing Specialists, Real Estate Pros, Utility Personnel, Surveyors, Police Work, Facility Engineers, Telecommunications Contractors

YouTube Links:

Overview Video (2:16)
Linear & Volume Measurement Video (2:01)
Area Measurement Video (2:06)
Auto Count Measurement Video (1:50)

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