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Cherne 8 Inch Single Size Test Ball


Cherne 8 Inch Single Size Test Ball


Cherne 041-386 Single Size 8" Test Ball

New, single size 8" Cherne brand sewer test ball with instruction manual for air testing sewer pipe.  Made from natural rubber in the USA and molded with Cherne's trademark rib design. Lightweight, tough and tar resistant, this plug will work in a variety of non-ideal conditions, including out-of-round pipes and live manholes.  Can be used as a back plug in a pressure test or a sewer flow blocker.

Each plug is brand new and comes with a 2 year manufacturer's warranty. 


Comes with removable 3/16 eye bolt for lift line
Safety book included
Removable tire inflation valve
1/4" fitting for custom fitting applications


Minimum pipe diameter 7 inches
Maximum pipe diameter 8 1/4 inches
Maximum air pressure 17 PSI
Maximum head pressure 40 feet
Inflation pressure 25 PSI
Shipping weight 5 pounds
Length 10.11 inches
Deflated diameter 6 1/4 inches


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